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High quality, effective and efficient Building Management

We can provide your building with high quality building management services at a cost effective rate and have been providing these services since 1996.

Running your building effectively and efficiently is the most important factor in creating a balanced and happy environment for owners and tenants alike.

We understand the requirements of large residential buildings with both high and low proportions of rented apartments and facilities that need to be monitored, protected and managed.

Our team includes on site building managers, supervisors and contracts administrators and are available 24 hours a day every day of the year. We engage in strategic partnerships with like minded organisations to ensure our customers receive the best possible service.

Our buildings benefit from a new electronic building management system which links all tenants and owners with Carrington’s facilities managers, along with providing an online space for users to gain valuable information about their building and the work that our facilities managers are carrying out in the building.

Every ‘micro’ detail of your maintenance contracts and delivery program will be managed, monitored and reported on. Communication and feedback to the executive committee is of paramount importance.

Our key success factors are persistence, stamina, focus and teamwork and our strengths are our seamless communication, track record, local knowledge, ability to find solutions and our dedicated people.

Selecting the right building management company will make the difference you are looking for, everything will run smoothly and costs will be carefully managed.

We understand the requirements of a professional executive committee and are available to help you get your building on track and running the way a prime Sydney property should operate.

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